An illustration I did from the picture book days. Jaedis
(whose appearance is now Asian in the books) shopping for
princess hats.
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About my Cover Artist
Rob Sullivan a freelance
illustrator based in Bournemouth,
UK. With over 15 years
professional experience in design
and illustration, he uses a variety
of applications including;
Illustrator, Photoshop, ZBrush,
Poser, Vue, InDesign,  and Quark.

Rob Sullivan
"In addition to being a
highly-skilled artist, Rob is
great to work with and always
manages to capture the image I
have in mind." -Anita Valle
I live near Poughkeepsie,
NY and work as a
freelance author and
Princesses series when my
3 boys let me! I now wear
contacts more than glasses
which means I need to
update my cartoon.
Maelyn has often been #1 in Free
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between some ARCs I was reviewing. I didn't
expect to fall in love with another series, especially
one in novella form. This was a quick and very fun
read. And the premise is exactly what every little
girl be a princess. Ok, so not the way
Maelyn and her sisters became princesses, but
dreams of becoming a princess none the less. Anita
surprised me by the amount of "story" in this tale.
There was no down time in any of the novella. It left
"I stumbled on this while looking for a short read
me wanting to learn what happens next. I can't wait
"I stumbled on this while looking for a short read
for Coralina's story. Well done!" -Amazon Reviewer
Nine Princesses Trivia
when I was 20. It was meant to be a picture
* At first, the princesses had actual medieval
names. Maelyn was Matilda. Coralina was
Catherine. Later I decided to make up the

* The princesses had to be adopted because I
wanted them all to be about the same age.
Actual blood sisters would have had a much
larger age range.

*Of all the princesses, I am the most like
Maelyn, in appearance and personality.
"Lace" Book 4 of The Nine Princesses
series will be out next!

"Rotten Rapunzel" coming
out on September 20, 2017.