Hi, I'm Anita Valle, a freelance
author and artist based in upstate
New York. I work as an author,
illustrator and graphic designer.
CLICK HERE to see samples of my
artwork. If you are interested in my
books or art services, please
e-mail me at
What I Won't Draw

Nothing political
. No political images or
messages. Religious designs are okay so
long as they contain no political message.

No adult content. No images or text graphics
that contain explicit or X-rated content.

I reserve the right to decline my illustration
services for any personal reservations I may
Questions or comments regarding The Nine
Princesses Novellas and other books:

E-mail anitavalleart@yahoo.com or fill out
Mailing List Form

Questions regarding art & illustrations:
E-mail anitavalleart@yahoo.com

Black and white illustrations: $100
Color illustrations: $200

Prices may vary depending on project